Well, besides THIS one that is. In 4 minutes, these guys outline an easy concept about piano playing that many of the greats like Stevie Wonder already instinctively know and apply every single time they take the stage. However, I don't condone the motivation these two numbskulls imply, reducing piano playing to some kind of parlor trick or pick-up tool, but Andrew W.K. is right about one thing: You can sound good 'accidentally' and very quickly. Watch:



Disclaimer #2, grab a real instructor (Yours truly?) from here on out if you wanna actually play REAL songs! That'll impress the pants offa you (figuratively of course) much less those you play for...


Tutorial On How To Tie A Tie, The Easiest And Quickest Way

Learning how to tie a tie doesn't have to drive you nuts and the good news is it's CAKE to tie one and can take literally seconds if you're taught the right way. I trolled through a ton of tie tutorials and this one is by far the quickest and easiest to understand and also the method I've been using since I learned.

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