The scary video shows a car passing a stopped school bus on the right side and almost runs over 7-year-old girl in the Capital Region.

You'll hold your breath when you see this video. A security camera captures a car illegally passing a stopped school bus on the right-hand side and almost hit a little girl running to her dad. Joe Carista is waiting for his daughter to get off the bus and is stunned at what happens next.

The car went about 40 mph around the bus on Route 7 in Pittstown. You see the little girl coming down the bus steps and started running to her daddy. Then, the car whips by and almost hits her. Carista tells WNYT:

"It was real close, If she was a couple more inches getting off the bus, a lot of the days, she'll get off and run off the bus towards the house. I just happened to be out there that day and she kind of stopped when she saw me. But if she had run off the bus, she would have run right in front of him."

WNYT says the school bus had all its lights on and signs out and the bus driver did what he could, honking and yelling. Carista then called 911.

"After the state police showed up, he informed me that this happens often and I'm just wondering why they don't have a camera on the front and rear of the bus. They'd be able to capture the plates of these people. There'd probably by a lot less of this going on and they'd be able to catch these guys." [WNYT]

Thankfully this time the child is safe. Next time it might end so well Have you witnessed something like this before?

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