While face masks and social distancing will be required, hand sanitizer will not be allowed on Central New York school buses.

The New York State Department of Education has stated that hand sanitizer will not be allowed on school buses due to its combustible composition.

School buses shall not be equipped with hand sanitizer due to its combustible composition and potential liability to the carrier or district. School bus drivers, monitors, and attendants must not carry personal bottles of hand sanitizer with them on school buses. [NYSED pg 60]

Since hand sanitizer is not permitted on school buses, schools should consider having hand sanitizer available when students enter the building or classroom.

There will be daily spot checks to ensure the guidelines are being followed.

Parents can bring the hand sanitizer to school along with their child's school supplies.

The New York State Department of Education says each district will be required to:

  • Perform regular school bus disinfec­tion measures.
  • Train students and school bus staff regarding social distancing on the bus, at stops, and at unloading times.
  • Train students and staff regarding the wearing of masks. Both students and drivers will wear masks and social distance on the bus.

School bus drivers, monitors, attendants, and mechanics must perform self-screenings daily, and students will not be allowed to sit next to each other unless a sneeze guard has been installed and properly cleaned or the students are from the same home.

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