Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Right now, a Utica shelter is running critically low on much-needed food and supplies for rescued dogs.

House of Paws Rescue is a nonprofit organization located at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica, owned and operated by Jennifer Elizabeth. Along with George Ford and other volunteers, she rescues dogs just moments before being euthanized at high kill shelters.

They currently need supplies, especially dog food, specifically kibbles and bits, and Rachel Ray-Eukanuba.

House of Paws Rescue "Utica"

If you would live to give more, you can always visit their Amazon wish list account HERE. House of paws always needs cleaning supplies, toys, treats, blankets, and more.

Jennifer explains this is one of the saddest parts of the House of Paws Rescue.

House of Paws Rescue "Utica"

"Meet Goldie at age 10. I can't imagine what she went through to have been staved like this. Right now, she is only 35lbs. You can see her backbones, stomach, and ribs. All she did was sleep when she got here Sunday (October 25, 2020), and I had to wake her up as she barely lifted her head to eat, but tonight was the first night she couldn’t wait for dinner (she knows she is getting something special). The hair loss was due to a severe infestation and infection from fleas." [House of Paws Rescue]

House of Paws Rescue "Utica"

She is finally in great hands with House of Paws. They will ultimately make sure she gets healthy and back to her beautiful self. They will then find a compassionate, loving home right to live out the rest of her time here in Central New York.

House of Paws Rescue does not take owner surrenders but does help lost dogs and dogs that will be euthanized due to overpopulated shelters. When asked if New York State in a no-kill state, she told us:

New York is a kill state...I just learned that even a no-kill shelter will kill, it’s just there number is very low...It’s horrible and shouldn't be allowed at all

Would you like to help? Send them a DM via FB, call 315-982-9016, email houseofpawrescue@gmail.com, find them on Amazon with a wishlist (for food and supplies), or make a financial donation for vet bills at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica.

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