UPDATE 1/8/21: CJ has been adopted! Here's the happy family! Adopt don't shop!

House of Paws

His name is CJ, and he has lived through some horrendous moments, but thankfully he's now at the House of Paws Rescue in Utica, and together we're hoping to find him a wonderful home.

Cindy's Underdog is CJ, and he came to the House of Paws Rescue in Utica on September 11th. No one has shown much interest in him, and we don't understand why. He’s the sweetest, most playful 2-year-old pocket pit you’ll ever meet. He weighs in at 55 lbs. He’s a very short round guy. He came in with his twin brother (who got transferred to another rescue as they had someone interested in him).

House of Paws Rescue, Utica NY

CJ was bred to fight, but instead, was dumped and picked up as a stray. Don’t let his story scare you away because CJ would never fight. Coyotes actually attacked him before he landed in a high-kill shelter in Florida, and he didn't even try to protect himself. He's a lover, NOT a fighter.

House of Paws Rescue, Utica NY

CJ loves puppies and other dogs. He is very playful and has a lot of energy. He does tend to nip once in a while when playing, but he quickly gives kisses when redirected. This behavior can be easily fixed with a little time and consistency. He loves belly rubs, and his face is absolutely precious and will make you fall in love with him even more, every day.

House of Paws Rescue, Utica NY

House of Paws Rescue is a nonprofit organization located at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica. Are you inspired to help? Send them a DM via FB, call 315-982-9016, email houseofpawrescue@gmail.com, find them on Amazon with a wishlist (for food and supplies), or make a financial donation for vet bills at 910 Kellogg Avenue in Utica.

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