Nataleigh Godfrey turns 9 years old on January 16th. This year she wants pet supplies for her birthday to donate to local animal shelters.

Nataleigh has a deep love for animals. A couple of years ago she toured a local poultry farm where she noticed a pend with an almost completely bald chicken. "She pleaded with the man who owned the farm to buy the chicken and bring her home," says Nataleigh's mother Heather. "She was educated by the farmer that the chicken isn't a pet, but raised to be eaten and only lives a short time due to the breed."

Nataleigh bought the chicken for five dollars. "She then educated the farmer that the feathers will come back, it will be loved and become her pet. She explained to him the chicken will have a better life no matter how short or long it lives." says mom, who confirmed the feathers did come back. "You can spoil a chicken and Lizzy was much loved."

Heather Crennan

In the last six months, Nataleigh has rescued three barn cats, finding them a forever home. "She is the first one to name a stray animal. The first to transform plastic totes into shelter. The first to collect bottles and cans to buy animal food and treats."

Nataleigh and her sister Emma recently spent over a month trying to find a missing cat named Muffins that had gotten loose after a checkup at the local vet clinic. "They finally caught muffins by using a live trap. You could see pure excitement the girls felt before they began to cry in joy. The girls were offered a reward but refused. All they wanted was a picture of Muffins with her mom."

Photo Credit - Heather Crennan

Last year Nataleigh didn't get to celebrate her birthday because she came down with the flu. We explained that her next birthday would be better," says Heather. "As we get closer to her birthday this year, we were hesitant to tell her a normal birthday party won't be possible. But our 8 year old beat us to the conversation."

Nataleigh doesn't want a birthday party this year. She doesn't want any presents. She wants people to donate supplies like blankets, food, newspapers and chew toys for animals. She wants to bring the supplies to local animal shelters. She's even set up a small drop off spot to safely except donations. "With everything going on in this world today and this soon to be nine year old wants as many local animals at the shelter to have a birthday instead of her. I feel her heart and soul is turning far older than 9 years-old."

Bins are set up at 3580 Monument Road in Madison, New York for anyone who wants to drop off a birthday gift.

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