Meet Christine Meyers a local woman who received a loop recorder and pacemaker, and is a part of the Go Red for Women 'Go Red Survivor Class.' We share her unique, but important message.

For 30 years, Christine Meyers thought she was suffering from panic attacks. Doctors prescribed her medicine for her nerves, not knowing it was something much more.

These 'episodes' would keep happening, but they started getting a little worse - Christine would actually end up passing out. Again, she thought nothing of it... That is, until it happened at work. Coworkers saw Christine pass out and convinced her that she needed to see a doctor.

Her doctor ended up putting in a 'loop recorder,' which monitored her heart at all times, and sent the information straight to the doctor's office. The doctor noticed that Christine's heart was actually stopping (one time for 15 seconds!)

Christine says when this happened she didn't feel like something was wrong, she just felt like she was starting to get sick - like coming down with the flu. She didn't have tightness in her chest, no back pain, and no pain in her jaw (which are common heart problem symptoms for women).

In December of 2014 Christine had a pacemaker put in, to keep her heart from stopping.

The video above explains Christine's reason for being a part of the 'Go Red Survivor Class.' If you would like to honor her as a local survivor, you can donate here.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be spotlighting other local survivors and sharing their stories, as we get ready for the Go Red for Women Luncheon on May 4th. You can get more information about this luncheon, and how you can be a part of an amazing cause for women's health, at the link below:

You can also read other 'Go Red Survivor Class' stories, and see their videos by clicking the button below:



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