That's right, I said records. Many folks are still spinning these things. You remember what they are, right? Those big round disks with the hole in the middle, and you also had the smaller disks with the larger hole in the middle. Those had to spin faster to make the right sound.

Kids have it easy today, with all the streaming services and quick access to Youtube, you can pull up just about any song ever recorded and it comes up with the best recording of the song that may be available. Easy peasy, right?

They will never know the struggle we had with records. We had the pesky task of picking up a the needle and placing it on the song we wanted to hear. We had to carefully put the record back in the sleeve; that is if we wanted to keep the record for a long time.

Oh, and how many times were you running to Radio Shack to get a new needle because yours crapped out on you in the middle of a track?

Record players always have to be in the right position or they don't sound right at all. You can carry them around like an ipod. Maybe I've seen a portable one that runs on batteries, but you still had to keep that thing level or you ran the risk of messing up the record and/or the record player.

I found a great link from, that gives you a lot of good information about setting up your record player to get the best sound possible, so if you decide you want to make playing records your new hobby, you may want to check this out. For us old-timers, most of this is nothing new, but take a look and maybe you will learn something. Check it out below.

Record players are even more complex today than what I remember. You can even plug them into your computer if you decide you want to transfer your records to digital copy. When you do this, it also captures all the crackles and pops that seem to be so desirable with the records now. Must be the nostalgia part of it.

Records are coming back in a big way, take a look at the records stores that are in our area, like Reimagine Records in New Hartford.

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