Low on cash, but still want to protect your family by making fabric face masks? This CNY business is giving away material!

Tony Sementilli, the owner of Dr. Uniforms, is recycling new uniforms with embroidery mistakes for the project. The uniforms are free to those who wish to make masks for family members or those considered high risk in the community.

Sementilli tells WKTV:

"I just would like to give these out. I don't want no money obviously for these, just get them out there. If somebody's handy with making masks, please make them, give them out to your grandmothers, grandfathers...your kids, your parents, anybody that you want to give them out to”

Sementilli says he has given away 3 to 4 thousand dollars in high-quality garments but is now only giving enough fabric away to make 4 or 5 masks (while supplies last). You can also repurpose your clothing, table cloths even blue jeans to make masks.

Dr. Uniforms is located at 1311 Oriskany St West in Utica. Open Tuesday - Friday from 10 to 5:30 and Saturday 10:00 to 3:00.

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