Yikes! An outbreak of a parasite-caused food sickness in the Capital Region is being investigated.

Ever heard of cyclosporiasis?  It's a mouthful of a word.  Also something that some in the Capital Region have gotten with a mouthful of food.  According to the Times Union, an outbreak of cyclosporiasis in the Capital Region is being investigated by the state and local health departments.

It's not a huge outbreak so far- confirmed in 11 people.  However, it is unpleasant causing gastrointestinal symptoms (you can get more info on the sickness here).  Apparently people began reporting symptoms in mid-June, and food eaten at three locations were mentioned by the Times Union including the Italian American Community Center in Albany, the Prime Life Restaurant at the Beltrone Senior Living Community Center in Colonie, and from a private buffet held at Union College in Schenectady.

They're saying the outbreak wasn't believed to be linked to bad food handling from the locations, but usually the parasite contamination happens to the food before it even reaches the kitchen (such as in distribution).  You can get more info here.

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