It’s official – the long awaited comeback of Fleetwood Mac is soon to arise. On CBS ‘This Morning’ today (July 12), Stevie Nicks confirmed that the band will be reuniting for a tour next year, 2013. On the show, she stated, “It’s the plan, because what’s what we do. I do my thing. And Lindsay [Buckingham] is out doing his thing now.”

The news comes at a fantastic time, given the fact that a Fleetwood Mac tribute album – ‘Just Tell Me You Love Me‘ –  is set to be released on Aug. 14, featuring artists such as MGMT, Craig Wedren with St. Vincent, Washed Out, The Kills and many more. Another reason fans of the ‘Landslide’ hit makers are excited for the news is that the band hasn’t toured since their 2009 ‘Unleashed’ trek.

The 2013 tour is sure to be filled with thrills for not only the fans but the band as well. However, it will also be tinged with sadness over the loss of former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch. In the interview on ‘This Morning’ Stevie describes her shock upon hearing of his death, stating: “I can’t even tell you what in the world would have pushed him to do something that crazy.”

Watch Stevie Nicks Discuss Fleetwood Mac on ‘CBS This Morning’

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