Just when we thought the floodgate of ‘Dark Knight Rises‘ clips and promotional material was closed shut after the latest release of the Mondo poster, here comes two more scenes from the long-awaited finale to the Batman trilogy.

Just kidding, we knew there was more goodies to come. Warner Bros. likes to tease us with as many trailers and images practically right up to the premiere date.

One of the latest said clips comes to us from Anne Hathaway‘s appearance on the ‘Today’ show Thursday morning, featuring her Catwoman persona whispering sweet nothings in Bruce Wayne’s ear. The second looks like it aired on NBC (hence the NBC Olympics watermark) but slipped on YouTube. Amongst all the new gadgets the Dark Knight will get to play with in the movie, he’ll also get “The Bat.” Though we don’t get a full-on shot of it, the vehicle sort of looks like the Batplane, but we’re still hoping that it’s another Batman toy we haven’t seen yet.

Do these previews make you as pumped to see the movie as Scrat from ‘Ice Age’? Check ‘em out below and sound off in the comments.

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