July 9′s episode of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ — titled ‘Kiss A Vet’ — begins at Gene’s restaurant chain Rock & Brews, which is known for hiring veterans before anyone else. There he honors the vets with a $25,000 check.

Later that night, his wife Shannon reveals she’s participating in the ‘Kiss a Vet’ program, one which consists of walking a hospital and interacting with veterans, so Gene tags along.

At the hospital — where Shannon and Gene meet the ‘Kiss a Vet’ pin up girl —  Shannon is asked why she is not in the pin up calendar being handed out. Meanwhile, the Kiss bassist stumbles upon a band of veterans named ‘Rock for Vets,’ something he is obviously fond of. Later, Shannon, their daughter Sophie and Shannon’s sister Tracy decide to be involved in ‘Pin Ups for Vets’ posters, with photos being taken the next day.

Staying a true musician at heart, The Demon heads back to the hospital and plays with the ‘Rock for Vets’ band. Afterward, he listen their stories and even gives one a job at Rock & Brews. It’s decided he’ll play with them at the Rock for Vets benefit concert. In doing so, Gene knows he can raise money for the troops.

The concert is a complete success, as Gene is given an award. He received a pair of gloves that have been worn up in space. He’s more than honored, saying, “We’d all be rotting in hell if it weren’t for our troops.”

“Old Habits Die Hard”

This episode of Family Jewels starts out at The Roxy where a press conference is had regarding the Rock & Roll All-Stars Tour, which Gene will be headlining. Shannon, the Kiss bassist’s wife, only finds out later that night. She is not happy; her concern is him being unfaithful. Therefore, Gene invites her along. At therapy, she expresses her worries, explaining she doesn’t want to have to go out on tour.

The next morning, Shannon confronts Nick — the Simmons’ son — about him bringing a girl back home. The odd thing is he no longer lives there. Naturally, he is filled with denial. At therapy with Dr. Wexler, Shannon is afraid that her son is becoming a womanizer. She does not want him to pick up Gene’s negative habits.

Gene gets word he needs to get a physical before heading to South America. Shannon sends him to an alternative medicinal office, thinking it to be hilarious. The physical is odd for him to say the least, never feeling as if he actually underwent a physical.

Shannon tells Nick her concerns with how he’s treating women, so Nick makes a trip to Dr. Wexler’s offer to discuss the issue. His concern is apparent.

“Attack of The Groupies”

The season finale of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels’ kicks off with Nick in therapy. He reveals that he’s afraid he’s like his father when it comes to women. He discovers a side of his addiction to women.

The show switches gears when Gene and Shannon head to South America for the Rock & Roll All-Stars Tour, which begins to sold out crowds. Shannon takes the title of rule maker, saying she wants to see no groupies. However, she begins to feel uncomfortable at noticing all of the girls asking to take photos with Gene, becoming even more so when one asks him to sign her backside. Given that he is Gene Simmons, he does.

Gene and Shannon discuss the groupie issue with Gene feeling nothing wrong was done. He assures Shannon he’d never do anything to hurt her. She’s not comforted. When Gene returns to the hotel that night after the show he’s forced to sleep on the couch. Shannon locked him out of the room to make a point. The next morning, he cannot find her, causing the plane to be held.

Finally, Shannon arrives, saying nothing to Gene when entering the plane but, “How was the couch?” That night at dinner she gets her point across in bluntly saying that he must honor his word. He agrees.

The tour continues to go on swimmingly. All seems well in the life of Gene Simmons … as always!

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