Wheather is the kids or pets sleeping with you, odds are you could use a bigger bed. This one is 12 foot wide! Will that work? 

My husband and I were thinking of putting two king size beds together to give us more space because of our dogs. Now I see there's a company that not only manufactures a bigger bed but also sells the frame and bedding to go with it. I want it! I want it! I want it!

Cindy McMullen/TSM

I would imagine co-sleeping parents would have this on their wishlist as the bed is big enough to fit two adults and three kids comfortably. The Ace Family Size Bed is a gigantic 144' wide. Sounds like heaven to me!


The Ace Collection website says the extra wide bed originated five years ago.  A client wanted a bed large enough to fit all of their children while reading them a bedtime story.  Since then, they've made beds, of all sizes, for tall athletes and clients that just need extra room for their kids and pets.

I want the Ace Family Size Bed for Christmas!

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