Noise While You Sleep
Here’s something I found interesting.  For years now I have been accustomed to having some sort of background noise going while I sleep.  I have a couple of different sound machines and I even have a sound app on my phone.
Insomnia? Solve It Today
Maybe your sleep habits are occasionally irregular and you're looking for more normalcy, or maybe your version of normal IS no sleep and you're looking to drift off to la-la land on YOUR terms.
Newsflash: napping isn't just for babies and the elderly? As a morning show host who moonlights as a weekend warrior in a local band, sleep and I don't get a long like we used to and some nights we barely meet at all! I asked a pal who was in the same boat as me and he said the key was tak…
Animals Trying To Stay Awake
We have all seen videos of children about to topple over because they almost fall asleep, but I have to say when animals do it, it's almost as adorable.  Only one rule when you watch this video clip.  Don't say "awwwww".  Go ahead and try, I dare ya...