See the winners out of 20 entries for the Fantastic Food Competition at the NYS Fair. Would you eat any of these culinary creations?

Entries for the Fantastic Food Compition included:

  • Deep fried bacon cheddar mashed potatoes on a stick.
  • A sausage, pepper and onion sandwich, wrapped in a slice of pizza.
  • The Reuben Burger.
  • A pulled pork shish kebab sandwich.
  • A deep fried strawberry and chocolate cheesecake bite.
  • A deep-fried banana split.
  • A lightly alcoholic red, white and blue ice cream slush.
  • Everything bagel kettle corn.
  • Fried olives on a stick.
  • Chocolate-covered strawberries dipped in waffle batter and deep fried.

The NYS Fair is just about the only place where you can have a Heart Attack, a Coronary or Palpitations and not show your insurance card. HaHa! Get it? Ok, it's the Fair’s first-ever food competition among its food vendors. The crazier the creation the better and right now the clear winner is the Heart Attack claiming 56% of the 650 votes.

The Heart Attack Wins The Fantastic Food Competition:

New York State Fair
The Heart Attack Via New York State Fair

Fried Specialties’ creator Jim Hasbrouck, the mad food genius behind past sensations The Defibrillator and The Harvester, describes the Heart Attack to the NYS Fair as:

“Two Hoffman hots stuffed with chili and cheddar cheese and pickle wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Topped with cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with a piece of Hershey chocolate. Served on a stick.”


Second Place is The Surf & Turf Pierogi:

Surf & Turf Pierogi via New York State Fair
Surf & Turf Pierogi via New York State Fair

Babcias Pierogi’s Surf & Turf Pierogi is made of shaved beef, mushroom & onion filled pierogi, topped with grilled garlic shrimp & a basil parmesan sauce.

Third Place The MacAttack:

Mac Attack via THe New York State Fair
MacAttack via THe New York State Fair

Chester’s Gators & Taters MacAttack is described this way: “Double loaded bacon mac and cheese ribbon fries. Toppings Included and available are Bacon, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Chives, Hot Sauce, Extra Cheese.”

All these fabulous creations are available to you at the NYS Fair if you're willing to pay the price (remember the price of water has doubled). The NYS Fair is August 22 through September 3, 2018,

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