It's another year of the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, and another year of memorable foods to look forward to.

You'll always find something great when you spend the day at the Fair, between gyros, sausage, chicken, and those crazy meats that you never would be able to try elsewhere.

One of the vendors at the Fair is known for their crazy concoctions that they serve up to fair-goers. In the past, they've done the "Sudden Death" burger, which was a burger with the bun replaced with bacon, the "Heart Attack" hot dog, which stuffed with chili cheese wrapped in entirely and bacon deep fried, and the "New York Harvester," a deep fried turkey sandwich.

According to CNY Central, the "Heart Failure" is the crazy food to look forward to this year. Jim Hasbrouck, the owner of Fried Specialties, has released just what exactly the dish is.

It's a Hoffman hot dog wrapped in bacon deep fried until it's crispy, served between a Twinkie topped with peanut butter sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon bits. It's also served with small Snickers.

Oh. My. Gosh.

The new creation will cost you $10 and probably somewhere over 1500 calories (as an guestimate.)

The New York State Fair will run for 18 days from August 20 until September 6. Admission is just $3 per person, and children under 12 will be free. Tickets purchased and unused through the 2019 Advance Sale Program will be accepted at the 2021 State Fair, but they must be non-promotional tickets. Free or complimentary tickets are excluded from the exchange. You can find all the details about the special days at the Fair here.

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