Yikes! Don't walk into the NYS Fair thirsty! The price for a bottle of water is twice as much as last year.

The NYS Fair will cost you more this year as they've streamlined the brand of water vendors are required to sell at a minimum of $2 per bottle.

In prior years bottled water prices started at $1.00 and went up from there depending on where you purchased it. This year officials tell Syracuse.com that Fair vendors are required to buy 20-ounce bottles of Aquafina water for $7.50 per case for resale.

The NYS Fair is adding more water stations throughout the fairgrounds so that it's more convenient to fill empty water bottles for free, you can also bring outside food and drinks into the fair.

Money made from selling water pays for the entertainment at Chevy Court and the Experience Stage.

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[Information from Syracus.com]

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