I have written about this winter a few times and my surprise in some of the shifts in the snow and cold.

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I am a fan of the creature comforts in life. I am sure it is no shock that you will not find me out "roughing it" in nice weather or in the more unpleasant times. I enjoy having my heat on when I see icicles outside and I love my air conditioning when the sun is just blazing in the sky.

So, I completely understand the appeal of the electric blanket. My sister swears by hers and is always on the ball when it comes to having it ready for the moment the mercury begins to fall in the thermometer. Sadly, I have never actually used one. I may be missing out.

Sadly, anything electric comes with risks. When you create that current and drape it over yourself, things can happen.

After reports of 13 electric blankets catching fire, Sunbeam has announced a recall of over 43,000 electric blankets. The good news is it seems to be a very specific variety.

If you have a queen-sized electric blanket purchased between September 2022 and January 2023, you may be impacted. The specific blankets were sold mainly on Amazon and a few other smaller retail outlets and carry a model number of 32810027, found on the wash label.

The other good news for Sunbeam and the people who own the electric blankets in question is that no injuries were reported. Owners have been asked to destroy the blankets but cutting the power cord and marking the wash label with an "X". After that, send Sunbeam a picture of the destroyed blanket.

Stay warm, my friends.

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