I love vintage clothing.

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And I am not afraid to say it. Nor am I afraid to clue my fellow enthusiasts in on some cool places to get your fix, both near and far. You may pick up that item I really wanted. That is ok. It will come around again.

So when I take off for a one tank trip weekend, you can be sure I will be hitting "the googles" with that familiar search "vintage clothes near me". I am ever on the hunt for that next grail or something that sparks my interest.

That is how on a recent trip to the Nutmeg State, I managed to take Flight. Or rather, I found Flight Vintage. In my 1991 INXS T shirt and my acid washed Lee jeans, I set out to see what awaited me. Located in the heart of Hamden on Dixwell Avenue, Flight featured some beautifully curated clothing items at prices that were very fair.

Whenever I see a 90s Xena Warrior Princess shirt on the wall next to Wu Tang Clan, I know I'm in good hands. And that was a great way to start my search for the hidden gems that may come my way. I saw some great wrestling shirts and some cool band shirts, but it was all about the soft drinks for me on this day.


I just couldn't pass this up. As a Ginger, this is the ale of my people, eh? Single Stitch on a Screen Stars Best was too good to pass up. Was that last sentence very foreign to you? My apologies. Hit me up on the app and I will be happy to explain.


I am a Coca Cola loyalist. I have sought out a shirt of said brand for a while but have not come across any that really made me want to add to my wardrobe. Until this one. I may end up looking like a refreshing can, but how could I resist?

I will most definitely be going back to this incredible shop. I can't wait to see what they get in on my next one tank trip adventure.

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