Drive-In movies - they bring back a lot of summertime memories.  Did you ever pile the family in the car and head off for a fun night of entertainment?  Bring tons of food from home?  Ever hide someone in the trunk until you got through the gate?  We used to have several drive-in theaters in Central New York - Marcy Drive-In, New Hartford Drive-In (across from Sangertown) and Rome Drive-In.  Sadly they're all gone now locally, and only a few hundred still open in the United States.  We found a few still in operation just a short drive from the Utica-Rome area.

Google Maps
Google Street View - El Rancho Drive-In
Google Street View - Finger Lakes Drive-In
Google Street View - Unadilla Drive-In

A quick check of their websites show that they're all still running current films, and the prices are a breath of fresh air!  Most of them have all new, digital projectors so the picture is probably brighter and more clear than you remember.  Of course, you can probably still bring your own snacks from home, but the concession stands at these drive-ins are so much more than just popcorn and candy bars.  Some drive-ins even allow pets.  And you'll rarely have to worry about someone in the seat next to you "texting" through the whole film.

You can find more drive-ins across Upstate New York State at this website.  What was your favorite Central New York Drive-In?