A Central New York farm is planning to host a drive-in movie event, and people are really excited about the idea.

Arlington Acres, in Lafayette, NY, is usually a gorgeous event venue, making their 100-acre farm and 2,500 sq. foot barn available for wedding guests. Since the PAUSE executive order went into effect, the barn hasn't been able to host weddings or other events.

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Owner Katie Jerome says, "Like everyone else, we're going a little stir-crazy, and started to brainstorm how we might be able to use our 100-acre farm to hold safe events in compliance with social distancing guidelines. We're partnering with Nomad Cinema to turn our lower field into a drive-in movie experience."

The drive-in event will be limited to 100 cars, and the farm is asking for a suggested donation of $15/car or $5/person to help cover our costs, but it's not required. The event will (hopefully) take place May 23rd, starting at 8:30pm. Of course, the entire event hinges on whether CNY is able to begin gradually re-opening, and whether Governor Cuomo allows drive-ins an exception to open earlier than Phase 4 of the current re-opening plan. 

A Facebook page for the event has 273 people listed as "going" and over 4,000 registering interest. Nomad says, "All cars will need to reserve a spot online in advance (if you don't have a reservation, you will be turned away)." They anticipate selling out quickly. 

There's also a poll to determine the film shown. So far, The Goonies is in the lead.

Would you be open to a drive-in movie in Central New York?


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