It seems that more and more things today can contribute to a restless sleep, including as you may have heard blue-light screens from your cell phone or iPad.

That being said if you want a cup of coffee or two or three after dinner, go for it.  According to the latest research, you should still be able to fall asleep.

A new study out of Florida Atlantic University found there's NO connection between drinking caffeine at night and having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

So what DOES affect your sleep?

The researchers found that when people smoked or vaped within four hours of bedtime, the nicotine had a significant effect on their sleep. Alcohol had a negative effect too, although not as much as nicotine.


This sound not be taken as an invitation to chug coffee before bed because you might be more sensitive to caffeine than average person tested.

Make sure coffee at night doesn't affect YOU personally before you start liberally drinking it before bed.


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