Residents are claiming that some panhandlers in Utica that say they're Veterans are reportedly unable to confirm.

Most Uticans have a very giving nature, and this type of alleged scam hurts those who need help. Joe Ruggiero says a man on the corner of John and Oriskany Street in Utica had a sign saying he’s a veteran. When he asked who he served with, he couldn't answer and admitted he was not a military veteran. Others have reported seeing him work in 'shifts' with other while Ruggiero told us:

...He did not say he works in shifts but I travel that area many times during the week and have seen another person come and switch spots with the person that was there. Many people claim to be Veterans to get a extra benefit. This is not acceptable.

When reading the comments in Ruggiero's Facebook post, you'll see over 200 comments about these reported scammers with stories ranging from people posing with alleged lost limbs to terminal ailments all for financial gain. You'll also read about many good Samaritans handing over food, water, and winter jackets just to see the donations thrown away.

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