29-year-old dog owner Amanda J. Chilson of Fulton NY allegedly left two dogs locked up in sweltering temperatures without food or water, and one has died.

The Oswego County Sheriff Department says: On 8/3/18 at 9:31 a.m., Amanda J. Chilson, 29, of 24 Private Dr. 2, Fulton, NY was arrested for torturing or Injuring Animals/Failure to Provide Sustenance, a class A misdemeanor of the Agricultural and Markets Law following the investigation into an incident that occurred in July 2018 in the Town of Volney where she allegedly knowingly deprived two canines with proper sustenance (food and drink) when she left them locked in a residence with extremely high temperatures for an extended period of time, resulting in the death of one dog. Ms. Chilson is scheduled to answer the charge on 8/27/18 in the Town of Volney Court.

Photo credit: Oswego County Sheriff's Office
Photo credit: Oswego County Sheriff's Office

In my opinion, this is unacceptable, heartbreaking, awful, disgusting, and drives me CRAZY! Our pets depend on us for EVERYTHING. You can't commit to a pet and then quit. You can't fall out of love with them when they grow up and stop taking care of them. How can someone to that to an innocent animal?

I hope the dog that survived finds a new home filled with unconditional love.

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