If you don't neglect your pets, then the section added to the Utica City Code entitled Protection of Dogs doesn't pertain to you.

Samantha Colosimo-Testa Guys said via her Facebook page that:

This legislation was sponsored and introduced by Councilman Williamson. Like I said it was an easy piece of legislation to help sponsor. This legislation was introduced in Syracuse and set us up to move forward in Utica.

Thank goodness this new ordinance went through to protect dogs left out in extreme temperatures. The law is targeting owners of dogs left out in dangerous conditions including temperatures at the extreme ends of the spectrum, sub-zero wind chills, sun, thunderstorms and high humidity. The legislation says: "No dog should be left outside tethered and exposed to the weather for prolonged periods when the temperature falls below the freezing point of water. With temperatures below the freezing point, a dog may experience harm and damage to its skin causing pain. Similarly, dogs left outside, tethered and exposed for long periods of time when the temperature rises to greater than 90 degrees Fahrenheit are believed to likely experience heat stroke or other bodily harm."

The ordinance goes on to say:  "No person who owns or has custody or control of a dog shall knowingly leave such dog tethered Outdoors for no longer than a period of two continuous hours during extreme weather conditions.. Actual harm or injury need not be shown to prove a violation" and tickets will be issued.

Councilwoman Samantha Colosimo-Testa posted this on her Facebook page.

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