The full moon. Some report it was last night and other information says it's tonight. I say close enough. It's the Flower Moon this month.

The sky over the weekend was absolutely stunning. I love the wide open view I have at my house. I can sit and look at the stars and moon for hours.

If you saw the moon last night then you might wonder if it effects your mood and behavior. Does it effect animals? Will it make a pregnant woman go into labor? If your a little nutty to begin with will it put you over the edge? Does it REALLY affect your sleep?

I know plenty of police, paramedics, and doctors who say the full moon certainly does change human behavior. People who work with the public everyday also agree. I personally don't think you'll turn into a werewolf, but I do think it can mess with your head a little bit.

I can't find any hard evidence that the moon drives human behavior or that we go loony on that particular day. But on the other hand can all these people who believe we can be wrong???