So, who typically hits the snooze button at your house?  Me, I hit it once in the morning.  That is it. Any more and I’m just torturing myself.  I know I need to get up, no use prolonging the inevitable, right?

Recent research from Loughborough University Research Center in England, shows that women actually need more sleep than men, at least 20 minutes more.  Why?  Well, it’s because what you had always thought about how complex the brain of a woman is, is actually true.  We knew it all along, women are wired differently and they tend to multi-task

The study also showed that women actually lack sleep more than men.  Is it because we always snore and keep them awake?  Hmmm…not likely.

Actually, women tend to have more psychological distress and greater feelings of hostility, depression and anger.  It probably stems from something that we did.

So, fellas, maybe have a heart and let her sleep an extra bit in the morning.  Do you think you can get up do what you need to do quietly so not to disturb her?  As much as I would like to do just that, I’m just too darn clumsy in the morning.

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