Just days after the terrible tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, the country, and even the world at large, faces an undeniable need to re-examine the role of gun control on the world stage. As with numerous tragedies in the past, much of the focus shifts to violence in media as depicted across film and television, which today faces one of its first casualties. Discovery has opted to pull the plug on its pro-firearm reality series 'American Guns.' But what will the reaction to the news bring?

We are now in a stage of extraordinary self-examination, more crucial than ever in the wake of the recent tragedy in Newtown that ended 27 lives. Not only will debates rage across the nation, but sensibilities alter and re-shape the manner in which violence is presented for years to come. In particular, we've learned that Discovery has taken a step toward addressing public outcry directed at the network, cancelling its highly-rated series 'American Guns.'

The series  followed a family of gun-makers in Colorado, and even experienced a 50 percent ratings increase for its second season premiere, but its plans for a third season were scrapped by the network. Reps for Discovery wouldn't definitively link the cancellation to the Connecticut killings, though public outcry on the show's Facebook and Twitter feeds has multiplied exponentially over the last few days.

Among some of the complaints compiled by Fox News, some wrote “I know you all have to make money but would Discovery Channel PLEASE consider ceasing to broadcast the show in the U.K.? Sadly your program makes buying/owning guns seem fun, glamorous, even normal." Another reads, “With Discovery shows like 'Sons of Guns', 'American Guns', 'Ted Nugent's Gun Country' etc it's not surprising how guns r seen as acceptable.”

The debate, and grief associated with the recent tragedy won't abate for some time, but what say you?  Is Discovery's cancellation of 'American Guns' a first step toward greater awareness or overreacting to current events?

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