Super Bowl Sunday is always a big day but so is the other "big game" watched by millions. That is the Puppy Bowl. The 2022 Puppy Bowl features all dogs that are up for adoption and this year's big matchup includes 13 dogs from New York state. The adorable furry friends go head to head with Team Ruff taking on Team Fluff. The kickoff is at 2 pm on the Discovery Channel with a special Kitty Halftime Show.

Meet The Adorable & Adoptable NY Furry Friends In The 2022 Puppy Bowl

The 2022 Puppy Bowl is another way to watch the big game. This year, there are 13 puppies that hail from New York state with 3 being from Upstate New York. Some of the puppies can still be adopted and some have already found their forever homes. Check out these adorable pups.

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