Have you heard that the Discovery Channel is highlighting Dryden New York? For those that don't know, it's considered a sleepy little town in upstate New York that went through a difficult time with a lot of tragedy during the late 80's into the late 90's. 10 years that most of the townspeople would just as soon forget and not relive. So the Discovery Channel decided to highlight this terrible time.

Now the town is being forced to relive those 10 years all over again, The Discovery Channel is doing an expo on Dryden and titled the series "Village Of The Damned".

I would agree after looking through the press accounts it was pretty wild as there was a lot that happened in the sleepy little town during that time. However, nothing has taken place since the 90's and I have to agree with the townspeople on this one after almost 18 years it's time to move on Discovery Channel.  If this was 1999 or 2000 you might make a case to revisit Dryden in a mini-series but the time for that has passed.

A Timetable of Dryden: Provided by Ithaca Journal

The start of the 1990's there were 9 fatalities in 3 months 7 of which were murders

December 1994 19-year-old JP Merchant was angry at his ex-girlfriend so he shot and killed his ex's father and then killed himself.

September 1996 High School senior dies in a single car accident, his brother had died the same way the prior year

October 1996 High School juniors Jennifer and Sara are kidnapped and killed not long after those killings John Andrews hung himself in jail.

June 1999 Drunk driving accident claimed the life of Katie a friend of Jennifer and Sara. 3 months later former classmate Mike Vogt commits suicide.


Certainly, at the very least, nothing has taken place in Dryden to warrant attaching the label of "Village Of The Damned".





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