Did your kid take that test? One of the most popular, and in some ways controversial, conversations going on at offices, homes, and birthday parties is the NY State Test. Should my child opt out? What does his/her teacher think? These questions and more weigh heavy not only on the parents, but the shoulders of students.

A majority of parents have decided to opt their kids out of taking the assessments and the statistics prove that. Why? The purpose of these tests overall are designed to evaluate teachers. It is not a test that is used to better the student or judge the student's performance in any way. Whether you agree or not about the test's existence, it is what it is. In this country, we have the right to freedom of speech and that is a wonderful thing. At what point do we look at the fight and think how it impacts the children?

In some cases teachers have involved the student in the discussion of these tests and who knows the psychological impact it could have on them. Regardless of the studies, why involve them at all? One thing that should be agreed upon is the children should be left out of it. However, the healthy discussion between parents, teachers, and legislators should continue. What is your opinion on the State Tests?

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