Wampsville FD Comes To The Rescue For 5-Year-Old Girl...Twice
Everyone deserves a little recognition when something they do goes right. Especially as a firefighter. You never really know what kind of calls to expect and the Wampsville Fire Department surely didn't expect the situation they were asked to help with Tuesday evening.
Keep It Healthy For Trick or Treaters This Halloween
One of the best parts about Halloween is all the free candy you can get your hands on. There is this amazing activity called "Trick-or-Treating" and it consists of going door-to-door collecting free chocolate, or other treats. Usually by the time the kids are done, they have enough candy t…
Try This Next Time You Take Small Children Into A Large Crowd
I saw this the other day and I thought to myself, this is a great idea.  I wish I, or someone else, had thought of this when my kids were smaller.  Nowadays, they are pretty capable of spouting off more information about who they are or where they live, than you are really comfortable with…

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