Woman Born at St. Luke’s Hospital in Search of Her Birth Parents
Erin Laurey of Holland Patent will be turning 40 this year, and all she wants for this milestone birthday is to be reunited with her birth parents. She was born on October 23rd, 1976 at St. Luke's Hospital in New Hartford. All she knows about her birth parents is at the time her mother was 26, and her father was 22. If anyone has any information that can be of help, please let us know.
Top 8 Strange School Supplies That Have CNY Parents Scratching Their Heads
It's the time of year every parent budgets for, school supply shopping time. Each August Moms and Dads flock to the stores and clear the shelves of pens, paper, binders, folders, and more. Most school supply items on the list sent home are pretty normal, but there are a few this year that have parents scratching their heads. Here are the Top 8 Strangest School Supply List Items.
Did Your Child Take the NY State Test This Week? [POLL]
Did your kid take that test? One of the most popular, and in some ways controversial, conversations going on at offices, homes, and birthday parties is the NY State Test. Should my child opt out? What does his/her teacher think? These questions and more weigh heavy not only on the parents, but the shoulders of students.
Florida Woman Born in Utica Searching for Her Birth Mother [PHOTOS]
The happiest of people can often still be burdened with unanswered questions about their past. For Amy Ryan of Coral Springs, Florida her biggest question is who her birth mother is. All that she knows right now is that she was born at St. Luke's Hospital on March 8th, 1985 and that her birth mother's first name is probably Dawn.
Seven Things You’ll Have To Explain To Your Kids One Day
Are you ready to feel really really old?  Here are seven things you'll have to explain to your kids one day.  Enjoy . . . then cry. 1.)  Smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants.  It's all non-smoking now. 2.)  Why we used to buy maps, and how they were so hard to re-fold...