I haven't watched David Letterman in ages because not only is it past my bed time, but also because of Jimmy Fallen on the tonight show. This video is funny stuff. David is literally 50 shades of RED when Dakota Johnson asks if he is her daddy. 

Frederick M. Brown/Gettyimages
Frederick M. Brown/Gettyimages

In the beginning David Letterman acts like a good old family friend saying how her mom (Melanie Griffith) used to be on his show all the time and how much he loves her. Dakota pipes in and says "My mom say's she really loves you. She brought you handcuffs one time." 

How funny is the look on David Letterman's face? What about the 15 seconds of saying nothing before she asks "Are you my dad?" I love the raised eyebrows he gives us. I bet he is wishing he was! David does make it perfectly clear Don Johnson is the daddy.

Dakota Johnson seems like such a shy person. Very sweet and funny. I hope the Fifty Shades of Grey movie isn't the only type of acting she wants to do or type-cast her to much. I would like to see her in a girl next door type of movie.

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