It looks like all those years of sitting on the couch and watching Wheel Of Fortune paid off! Or is it possible it was rigged to get the video to go viral and get more viewers?

Astrid Stawiarz/Gettyimages
Astrid Stawiarz/Gettyimages

I really hope it was a lucky guess. Is there anyway to figure out of the odds of doing that? I want to believe that this is legit. Watch the look on Pat Sajak's face, I think the producer is ranting and raving in his ear. Everyone is stunned. They show the crowd and everyone can't believe what just happened.

There are 17 letters and you only know one. Pretty amazing if you ask me. He answered it very quickly. It looks like it just came to him. He is concentrating hard. Moving his belly back and forth like that helped immensely. I hope he didn't use up all his luck on Wheel Of Fortune. No we make our own luck. Congratulations Rufus! Spend that $7,100 wisely and have a another Loco Moco for me! Pat Sajak still has a look of amazement on his face. No wait it's Botox!

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