The virtual Emmys were last night and people from around the country got a quick, you might have missed it.....tutorial on how to pronounce Albany.

In the pre-produced segment awarding the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series David Letterman arrives by Uber to a dirt road, by an open field. I fully expected some corn jokes and poking fun at his Indiana roots.

As the driver is pulling up to drop the bearded Letterman you can hear them arguing and the driver says, "I'm not taking ya to Albany!" He pronounced it AL-Bany. Letterman corrects him and says, "Here we go. First of all, it's not AL-bany, it's AWL-bany. I said I wanted to go to Newark!" Then segs right into some old jokes leftover from the Emmys that he hosted in 1986. He delivered those jokes with the same old David Letterman style. Plus, a quick, sweet message about his friend Regis Philbin.

Congrats to John Oliver for winning...oops sorry I didn't mean to spoil it. Watch until the end to see how John Oliver's Emmy was delivered.

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