Maybe you can't fly for the military or be an aerobatic pilot, but if you'd like an exciting aviation job that isn't just gradually moseying through the sky like the airlines, maybe crop dusting is for you.

The baby boomer ag pilots are all retiring and this is an overlooked flying job that many pilots forget about, but the thrilling rewards seem plentiful besides the potential $120k annual salary. This guy flies like I drive and watch him seemingly risk his neck like a WW2 hot dog might, all in the name of agriculture...



Just as an aside, us 'normal' pilots hardly ever fly this low unless it's to take off or land and we're usually relatively slow compared to this guy. Also, going underneath power lines and narrowly missing poles, vehicles and houses may seem unsafe (even to many pilots) but these guys go through immense training on how to do what they do safely. In the ag business, this guy isn't hot dogging or showing off, it's just another day on the job.

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