Are you a little hungry? Try snacking on your favorite six legged chips: Chirps. These are real, and sound really gross too. 

The company behind these snacks named Six Foods raised over $70,000 on Kickstarter. So what could these chips even taste like? Let's start there. Luckily our friends at Yahoo! did the work getting this info, because we wouldn't taste the chips to find it out:

"They taste like tortilla chips with a hint of bean," Rose Wang said, adding that Chirps come in three flavors: barbecue, aged cheddar, and sea salt. Apart from a "slightly nutty flavor" courtesy of the insects, "you might not realize that it’s made with crickets."

The company claims Crickets are a super food. Why? They are way less in calorie count than normal snacks:

There are plenty of reasons to get over the ick factor. A single serving of Chirp chips clock in at 140 calories, seven grams of protein, and six grams of fat, D’Asaro said, which means they have ”half the fat of [traditional] potato chips" and are "healthier than kale chips.”

If you're looking to order, you can get more details here. Happy shopping and snacking.


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