Lay's Potato Chips has released some new "international" flavors of the Kettle Cooked chips and we've been seeing them in local stores.

Lay's Indian Tikka Masala Chips
CJ/TSM Utica

I  tried the Tikka Masala and though it really captured the flavors of this savory Indian dish.  It had a great blend of spices that worked well with the crunch of the kettle chips.  Make sure you have something to drink handy, these do have a little kick!

You can also find Chinese Szechuan Chicken, Greek Tzatziki and Brazilian Picanha chips to see for yourself how authentic they taste. It is too bad that Chicken Riggies didn't make the cut, but I guess we just weren't "exotic" enough for this series of flavors. Lay's is giving away some big prizes, including a trip around the world - find out more at website.

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