It’s just a known fact that ice cream will put you in a better mood. It’s science right? No, really, it is. A new survey by Baskin Robbins reveals that the thought of ice cream puts 71% of people in a happy mood.

Now what flavors make people the happiest? Here’s the top ones from that survey:

1) Chocolate

2) Jamoca Coffee

3) Very Berry Strawberry

4) Rocky Road

5) Vanilla

According to the survey, the thought of ice cream puts 72% of people in a happy mood even if they are preoccupied, stressed or in a serious mood, while more than 60% of people are happiest, motivated and inspired when enjoying ice cream with family and friends. In addition, 63% of people believe an ice cream break is downtime to be silly, talk and enjoy each other’s company, free of distractions."

So while you're depressed at work, go out and buy some ice cream. You'll cheer right up.

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