Thanks to an Upstate, New York chef, we can all celebrate National Potato Chip day. We should all commemorate by indulging in a bag of our favorite chips. 

Back in 1853, a wealthy gentleman decided to visit a fine dining establishment in Upstate, New York. He ordered the house specialty, fried potatoes. When the waiter served up the taters however, the customer ordered them to be sent back because they were soggy, and too thick.

The irate chef decided he wasn't going to tolerate the customer's finicky behavior so he decided to douse them in a ton of salt, and sliced them really thin; hoping they would become inedible.

Instead, the potatoes became crispy and delicious. The customer enjoyed them so much that he actually ordered another batch.  According to

Soon, Crum's Saratoga Chips were a popular request, and in 1860, Crum opened his own restaurant, and served Original Saratoga Chips at the tables. The name "Saratoga Chips" was commonly used to refer to potato chips until early 20th Century, and "The Original Saratoga Chips Company" still exists and produces potato chips in Saratoga Springs today.


These Look Delicious!

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