One of the most popular drinks at the moment is a 'Moscow Mule' served in copper cups but are those cups making you sick?

If you're making the Moscow Mule drink and serving it in a stainless steel or nickel cup that looks like it's copper, then you're fine. If you're sipping it out of a real genuine copper cup made of copper, then beware.

Turns out the alcohol in the trendy cocktail mixed with the trendy cup can leech into the copper metal and once it's ingested, it will make you sick. How sick? Embarrassingly sick if you're out on the town. It can cause major stomach pains and many many trips to the bathroom.

This is one time when the cheap knockoffs are better than the real thing.

Don't know what the 'Moscow Mule' drink is? It's vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice served in a copper cup (remember not a real copper cup) with lots of ice and a lime garnish. Now go and enjoy this new "it" drink!

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[Information from WIBV]

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