UPDATE: The person who left the cats in the parking lot voluntarily contacted HCHS and sincerely expressed remorse.

The President of the Herkimer County Humaine Society has released this statement:

HCHS would like to thank the individual for coming forward and confessing to abandoning the kittens in the shelter parking lot. They have worked with HCHS and been forthcoming concerning the event and display regret as they didn’t realize the importance of a safe surrender and the potential consequences for pets discarded outside of the facility.

HCHS is under surveillance at all times and irresponsible disposing of animals will not be tolerated. The shelter is open daily from 8-4 and contact with the manager or assistant manager is required to coordinate the safe surrender of an animal within Herkimer County.

The person responsible has requested the video be removed from social media following their cooperation. HCHS is in agreement with this request since this person voluntarily contacted us sincerely expressing remorse for the event of that day.

HCHS President Robert Schrader

Original Story: We have a video of this woman abandoning three cats at 12:39 pm on Tuesday, January 14, at the Herkimer County Humane Society (HCHS) while employees were inside.

HCAS is asking for the publics' help in identifying this woman who drove a red car into the Humane Society's parking lot, discarded three cats, and drove away. Please watch the video as there are several close-ups of the criminal.

Video Has Been Removed By HCHS

Below are photos of the two kittens that have been recovered, their mother is still at large.

We are only able to assume from scrutinizing the security cameras that the first cat dropped in the middle of the parking lot is the mother of the 2 kittens that were then dropped together. [HCHS]

Herkimer County Humane Society
Herkimer County Humane Society

The kittens are 10 to 12 weeks old and were left at the side door. Thankfully they stayed there for nearly 15 minutes until discovered. The first cat that was dropped in the middle of the parking lot has not been found.

We still have several traps out and freshen the food..but nothing, sadly. [HCHS]

HCHS is staffed seven days a week, including holidays. The other cars in the parking lot were staff vehicles.

HCHS is located on an extremely high traffic state highway where cats & dogs dropped off irresponsibly are generally struck and killed. This is one of many reasons we are stressing the importance of never neglectfully discarding any animal hastily without concern for their life. They deserve the respect to be safely surrendered in any situation. [HCHS]

Discarding a cat or dog in the shelter parking lot, or anywhere else is abandonment. They are subject to being hit by a vehicle due to the highway we are located on, along with countless scenarios as to why it is detrimental. There is a process for relinquishing an animal, including providing the shelter with pertinent information regarding your pet, including medical records so we can provide them with proper care. They deserve the respect & dignity of the previous owner providing us with their name, personalities, medical issues, and, most importantly, a safe transition. We thank you for understanding that our love of animals will in no way pardon this individual for casting away these three cats, leaving one unaccounted for which did cross back across our lot after this person drove away. Please send us a private message if you are able to identify this offender and please continue to keep the mother of the kittens in your thoughts for a safe return. [HCHS]

HCHS is located at 514 State Route 5S, Mohawk, New York. Call (315) 866-3255.

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