Nestled in the woods is an urban adventurer's dream - an abandoned estate that's only a few hours from Central New York.

An easy walk through the wilderness will lead you to the Cornish Estate ruins. The 650-acre estate was purchased by Edward Cornish and his wife in 1917. The couple died with two weeks of each other in 1938 and the estate went to Cornish's nephew Joel until a fire destroyed the majority of the mansion in 1956, according to Hudson Valley Ruins.

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Loganletsgetlost via YouTube

The Central Hudson Gas and Electric bought the property in 1963 with plans to build a power plant. But by the late 1960s, the land became protected from all industrial activities to preserve it for future generations.

Explore the dairy, home to Cornish's prize-winning Jersey Cows. See old pieces of farm equipment left to rust beside a small farm building. Tour the greenhouse, pump house, and what's left of the mansion, including a Jenga like a chimney.

Credit -
Loganletsgetlost via YouTube

The Cornish Estate ruins sits among 8,000 acres of the Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve. Just follow the blue Cornish Trail from the Washburn Trailhead parking lot to get to the ruins in Cold Springs, New York, which is about 3 hours from Utica.  Or you can take a virtual tour with 'Logan Let's Get Lost' in the video above.

Hikers are reminded to stay on the marked trails and help protect the environment, wear proper hiking gear and hiking boots, bring plenty of water, carry a trail map with you and a compass in case you get lost.

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