You would think by the time June rolls around the temperatures would be warmer across the state. At the summit of Whiteface Mountain that is not the case. A Central New York family made the almost 5,000 foot journey to the peak of the mountain and what they felt and (didn't) see when they got up there was unbelievable.

Wayne, Patrick, and Elisa took the trip together and made the climb. When they began at the bottom it was a little over 50 degrees. When they got to the top, it was a little colder. Wayne says the temperature got as low as the mid-30s. "We started about 9 am from the atmospheric research center, summited at 2:15, last half toward summit with that type of wind. Was 37 degrees at the Summit."

Whiteface is the fifth highest peak in New York State. Much credit should be given to these three brave souls.

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