Have you seen the latest viral internet story about Brad's wife getting fired from Cracker Barrel? The internet is demanding answers. We figured along with those answers we could provide solutions to Brad's wife and offer up some of our Central New York restaurants she could work at. 

First though, who is Brad and his wife? Bradly Reid has now gone viral for posting his frustration on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page. His wife Nanette, lost her job she held in an Indiana Cracker Barrel for 11 years. The company gave her no explanation why she was fired. The internet has been fired up demanding justice for Brad's wife.

Now that you know the story, where could she work?

1) Carmellas Cafe

Carmellas Cafe has been open in New Hartford since 1985. For over 30 years, Carmellas not only serves up amazing food, they have amazing staff members on board. Brad's wife would fit right in, and enjoy the family friendly environment.


2) Voss' at the Utica Zoo

Maybe Brad's wife wants to work for a company that not only serves up amazing food, but where you can take in the sight of exotic animals on a daily basis. Voss's at the Utica Zoo would be perfect from spring to winter. Then Brad's wife could enjoy winters off.


3) Dinosaur BBQ

Dinosaur BBQ has been making history in Syracuse since 1983. Also, their history is always changing. They are making history on a daily basis. Cracker Barrel has been around since 1969, and they have their formula down. They don't have live music, amazing bbq options, and dinosaurs. Brad's wife would enjoy dinosaurs over the old west general store theme any day.


4) The Savoy

The Savoy in Rome has been open since 1908. No company can be open for over a hundred years if they don't treat their staff with respect and care. The Savoy also has amazing Italian options that Cracker Barrel has ignored serving. Brad's wife would love different menu items to explain than the same old stuff.


5) Pepi's Pizza

Maybe Brad's wife is a huge fan of pizza and arcade games. When you put those two together in Central New York, you get the perfect combination with Pepi's Pizza. Brad's wife could become a master pizza maker, and the all time points leader on Ms. Pacman.




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