The Croghan Company will be 130 years old next year and is still in the business of making bologna and that's not a bunch of bolognas and does bologna come in bunches?

I was first introduced to Croghan Bologna in 2004 and I have to tell you it is the best bologna on the face of the planet.

Blane, from the Campany family, is quick to point out the family has produced this product since 1888 using the same Swiss recipe that was used since the first bologna was 1888. Blane says, "people are quick to say it is the best bologna around."

Blane says Croghan is in the following areas, Central NY, Rochester, Northern NY, Oswego, Syracuse, and looking to expand into Utica. Now think about this for a minute the whole operation runs with just 3 people." A lot of ground for 3 people to cover on a daily basis but it gets done with a family that cares about the quality of the product produced.

The secret to Croghan's success is simple. Blane says the ingredients are the best. Croghan uses just choice meats and not the scrapes that other bolognas do, the difference is truly in the recipe.and ingredients. Celebrate National Bologna Day and have a sandwich.


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