You're probably saying to yourself, Cristi has finally run into a ditch and now wants to talk about dancing at weddings, this ought to be good.

Think back to the weddings you've attended in the last year and I'm sure you've gone to a few weddings when the groom's parents or the bride's parents put on a pretty good show. Think Elaine from Seinfeld in varying degrees.

If you remember the movie Hitch, then you can sidestep to the left and then back to the right and that's all you are allowed to do. That is not fun.

I've noticed some of the critics single out my thumb action and actually threaten me with bodily harm if I am caught dancing with my thumbs in plain sight.

I'd like to point out there are entire families that have gone as far as working out entire routines for the reception later that day, much to everyone's delight.

I think my family needs to know some of the dancers are from different generations of the family and have moves from 60's 70's 80's and 90's. This is not to mention all the standard wedding songs the DJ plays that limits what you can do.

Just remember snapping and some thumb action is meant strictly for wedding receptions and is not permitted in clubs. So I'm told.



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