With unemployment reaching a level this country hasn't seen since the Great Depression more and more people are turning to Unemployment Benefits to help pay the bills, keep a roof over their head and just survive the coronavirus pandemic.

As New York state starts to slowly reopen this Friday and owners try to get their businesses restarted with new social distancing guidelines and plans to limit the spread of the virus. We all know that just because we're reopening the state and much of the country - it doesn't mean that the coronavirus has been defeated and there's nothing to worried about. There's still plenty to worry about.

One question that I've heard asked several times and now written about on the NYUP website by  - What if I'm collecting Unemployment Benefits and my company reopens and wants me to come back to work or I'm offered employment,  but I'm not comfortable going back to work because of COVID-19? Can I stay home and still collect unemployment?

The short answer is no.

If your employer reopens, calls you back from being furloughed or just offers you your job back you cannot turn down a job just because of a generalized fear of COVID-19 or even a dislike of the job. That's part of the Unemployment Federal Law according to www.nyup.com.

Now, there are of course. exceptions. If you've been told by your doctors that you need to continue to quarantine because of a COVID-19 health issue like a compromised immune system. There are a few other scenarios that would allow you to still collect unemployment even if you've been offered employment. Those are usually handled on a case by case basis.

For more information on Unemployment Benefits during the coronavirus pandemic visit www.labor.ny.gov

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